Das Schaudepot



What is the Schaudepot?
What is the Schaudepot?: A unique model institution is being created in a former craft workshop in the southern part of Stuttgart: the most unique exhibition and performing arts venue in the city.
Guided tours
Guided tours: During the guided tours, Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt present the Schaudepot. Online via Zoom or on site.
The Festival by Herbordt/Mohren
Little Wonders of the Prairie by Bureau Baubotanik
Little Wonders of the Prairie by Bureau Baubotanik: “Kleine Wunder der Prärie” (“Little Wonders of the Prairie”) is a short stroll through the botanical landscape to the collection of small and medium sized discoveries. The miracle unfolds the moment that - with a little assistance - attention is paid to tread plants.
Architectural Description in text and Image. Room by room, from big to small. The Play by Herbordt/Mohren
The Play by Herbordt/Mohren: ‘Das Stück’ (‘The Play’) documents and establishes a fictional institution. ‘Das Stück’ is performed in various formats for spectators and a publication. At the Schaudepot as an audio walk.
Das Schaudepot – Special! For all ages, on site and online, 2nd of April 2022, 2-8 p.m. (CEST) The Schaudepot celebrates new incoming performances - with a neighborhood festival, a lecture series and The Festival: a music workshop for children and a hybrid performance by Herbordt/Mohren & guests. The children’s festival – Music-Workshop for children, 2nd of April 2022 / 4-5 p.m. (CET) In the workshop “The Children’s Festival” with Anja Füsti and Tina Pantisano, you play excerpts of new music pieces yourself, and even make music while chewing. registration required at info@die-institution.org Ableism as Usual? Introduction to the History of Art and Disability, a lecture by Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge
Ableism as Usual? Introduction to the History of Art and Disability, a lecture by Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge : How were people with disabilities negotiated, treated and portrayed in the past? What does all this have to do with the visibility of art and culture with disabilities today? How is ableism reflected in society and art? Which artists with disabilities are currently actually visible in the German art and culture sector, who and where not? And what does it take for the equal recognition and participation of artists with disabilities? For example, what would an art history with a disability look like?
Opening, 4 July 2021
Opening, 4 July 2021: For the first time, the Schaudepot can be visited on site and in person. With guided tours, discussions, performances and culinary offers.