Das Schaudepot



What is the Schaudepot?
What is the Schaudepot?: A unique model institution is being created in a former craft workshop in the southern part of Stuttgart: the most unique exhibition and performing arts venue in the city.
The children’s festival with Matthias Engler, Anja Füsti and Tina Pantisano
The children’s festival with Matthias Engler, Anja Füsti and Tina Pantisano: Eleven composers have written new pieces of music for children for the performance of “The Festival”.
The Festival by Herbordt/Mohren
NORM IS F!KTION #1/2 by NAF: Personal, human needs stand in contrast to the (luxury department store) world, its bourgeois values and codes and the exhaustive imperative: Always keep moving! Space is a resource. Shopping is one option among many.
Architectural Description in text and Image. Room by room, from big to small. The children’s festival – Music-Workshop for children, 2nd of April 2022 / 4-5 p.m. (CET) In the workshop “The Children’s Festival” with Anja Füsti and Tina Pantisano, you play excerpts of new music pieces yourself, and even make music while chewing. registration required at info@die-institution.org Opening, 4 July 2021
Opening, 4 July 2021: For the first time, the Schaudepot can be visited on site and in person. With guided tours, discussions, performances and culinary offers.