Das Schaudepot


Ableism as Usual? Introduction to the History of Art and Disability, a lecture by Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge

How were people with disabilities negotiated, treated and portrayed in the past? What does all this have to do with the visibility of art and culture with disabilities today? How is ableism reflected in society and art? Which artists with disabilities are currently actually visible in the German art and culture sector, who and where not? And what does it take for the equal recognition and participation of artists with disabilities? For example, what would an art history with a disability look like? 

Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge address these and other questions in their almost ninety-minute presentation. Among other things, they use the collections of various museums (e.g. the Landesmuseum Württemberg) to analyze the spread of common clichés about disabilities. However, because neither of them have or want to have static answers to many of the questions, the lecture is accompanied by an interactive discussion situation in order to incorporate the knowledge of the audience.

A publication of the lecture, which took place online via Zoom and on site at Das Schaudepot on September 23, 2021, is currently being prepared. More information coming soon at www.das-schaudepot.org.


By and with Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge

The event was made possible by funding from the Performing Arts Fund from funds provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.


Steven Solbrig works culturally and politically on the visibility and participation of artists with disabilities as well as artistically interdisciplinary, among other things, on assistance and care work from the perspective of people with disabilities. In the coming winter semester, Steven Solbrig will teach for the first time on art and culture with disabilities from the perspective of disability studies at the University of Hildesheim. 

Dirk Sorge works as an artist and cultural mediator in Berlin and Saxony. He studied fine arts and philosophy and deals with the topics of standardization, mechanization and automatisms. His works include installations, performances and computer programs. The audience is often directly involved and the concept of authorship is questioned. Dirk Sorge is a founding member of Berlinklusion, a network that promotes the active participation of people with disabilities in art and culture. 

www.stevensolbrig.de www.dirksorge.de