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Astroneto: Dance in Space by Jorge Alencar und Neto Machado

The first book in the ‘Paper Choreography collection, ‘Astroneto: dance in space originates from the performance ‘Desastro, by Neto Machado, which dives into the adventure of Major Tom, from the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, in his travel to space and attempt to explore the unknown.

Astroneto embarks on a space trip and his ship stops working. Not knowing what to do, lost in the intergalactic pitch, he discovers that his ship can be moved by dancing. However, he can't control where it goes. On this path with no right direction, he ends up finding planets with beings that live and move in very unusual ways.

A book that spreads across space, with loose illustrations, without right and wrong. A book with which one can build his own solar system and travel dancing from one planet to another, learning with the difference in each new world visited. 


Created and written by Neto Machado and Jorge Alencar.

Design, illustration, editing: Tanto - criações compartilhadas (Daniel Sabóia, Fábio Steque and Patricia Almeida) 
Screen printing: Adriel Figueredo 
Translation: Livia Lakomy
Copyediting: Ben Evans (English) 
Publisher: Conexões Criativas 
Production director: Ellen Mello 
Acknowledgments: Cândida Monte, Cristina Alonso Martin, Elena Carmona, Gildon Oliveira, Jean-Baptiste Joly and the entire team from Akademie Schloss Solitude, Ksenija Djurovic, Leonardo França, Marijana Cvetkovic, Paula Lice and Wellington Guitti.  

Institutions that supported the creative process: Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany), Stanica/Station - service for contemporary dance (Serbia), Graner - Centro de Creación del Cuerpo y el Movimiento (Spain).


The ‘Astroneto: dance in space is the first book from the collection ‘Paper Choreography / Coreografias de Papel by the Bahian experimental publisher ‘Conexões Criativas. It is also the one with an english version. The other two books from this collection are: ‘Small Collection of Insignificances and ‘Book of Fire.

The book is available here.

Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida