Das Schaudepot


Childfication and Ethics of Pluralism in Art – Zoom-Lecture by and with Jorge Alencar and Neto Machado, 2.4.2022 / 7 pm

In English language
On site at the Schaudepot and online via Zoom
Duration approx. 60 minutes

The lecture composes with plural notions of childhood as ethical-aesthetic ignitions in artistic processes seeking to go beyond age frames. From this perspective, childhood would be an experiential principle to exercise relationships with the others and with difference as a condition of being-acting-thinking the world and producing presences and affections. To nurture such approaches, the Brazilian artists highlight the concept of "childfication” (Noguera; Barreto, 2018) articulated to creations of their own in collaboration with other artists.

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The lecture is part of the event Das Schaudepot – Special!

Jorge Alencar and Neto Machado
Photo: Dominique Brewing