Das Schaudepot


The children’s festival with Matthias Engler, Anja Füsti and Tina Pantisano

Photo of the Performance by Ralf Brunner
Photo: Ralf Brunner

Eleven composers have written new pieces of music for children for the performance of “The Festival” by Herbordt/Mohren. With clicky frogs, corn sticks, sound postcards, Duplo blocks, tin bowls, a marble track and a tent as instruments. In the workshop for “The Children’s Festival”, you play excerpts of these pieces yourself, make a ‘super ball’ and even make music while chewing. 

For 5 unaccompanied children between the ages of 5 and 9

Dates will be announced in the newsletter and on www.das-schaudepot.org or can be arranged individually for groups.

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes 
Available in 2-3 weeks.

Saskia Bladt: O (2019) from Herbordt/Mohren on Vimeo.

Video: Hagen Betzwieser


Concept: Herbordt/Mohren

With: Matthias Engler, Anja Füsti, Tina Pantisano

Compositions: Saskia Bladt, Kathrin Denner, Bill Dietz, Hanna Eimermacher, Neo Hülcker, Gordon Kampe, Martin Schüttler

The development of the workshop was made possible by three-year conceptual funding from the Performing Arts Fund from funds provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, by the Art Despite Distance impulse program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts, and by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart.


  • Matthias Engler is a percussionist and cultural producer. In 2004 he founded Ensemble Adapter in Berlin together with the harpist Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir. As a musician and performer, he is extensively involved with experimental music at home and abroad.
  • Anja Füsti works mainly in the fields of new music, music theater and free music and thus mostly at interdisciplinary interfaces. The intensive collaboration with dancers and choreographers resulted in several music and dance theater productions.
  • Tina Pantisano is an educator and studied cultural design. She conducts artistic projects and workshops with children and young people.
Photo: Herbordt/Mohren Photo: Daniela Wolf Photo: Ralf Brunner Photo: Ralf Brunner