Das Schaudepot


The Black Circle by Emilija Tolj and Cennet Uyar

“By reading this project description you acknowledge that you are in a white majority society at odds with heterogeneity. The black circle symbolizes the characteristics and abilities of people with experiences of discrimination that are stripped out and cut out by the white majority society. Certain qualities that those affected have acquired through their experiences are categorically denied to them. The edges created by cutting out the circle represent those affected in a white majority society. They are isolated from each other. Only when the edges are joined together can a circle be seen in the middle. The corners reach out to each other through empowerment, decolonization and solidarity. In the merger, the absence of the circle becomes visible again for those affected. The competencies that result from the consequences of the experiences of affected persons have never been and never will be withdrawn.” (Tolj/Uyar)

Awaiting you at Das Schaudepot: a flyer as instructions for use, a fluffy object, material for drawing your own black circle that has become your imagination, an MP3 player including audio description.

For 1 to 5 people
Length: varies
Available immediately.


By and with Emilija Tolj and Cennet Uyar

The work was created specifically for Das Schaudepot and is made possible by funding from the Performing Arts Fund from funds provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.


Emilija Tolj studies architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart, where she received the DAAD PROMOS scholarship. The Bond_ASAP collective was founded based on the “School of 2020” at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart. As part of the working group and beyond, Emilija Tolj deals with working conditions and the inclusion of marginalized people in the performing arts and architecture. ‘The Black Circle’ was created in collaboration with political scientist Cennet Uyar.