Das Schaudepot



installation view by Dominique Brewing
Photo: Dominique Brewing

“A guy with a bag from the museum shop and one from Apple, elegant, all in gray with brand new sneakers. Someone who definitely has a loyalty card at this luxury mall. He takes a fresh white sheet from his American Apparel bag, along with a duvet and a pillow, which he spreads out in front of him. He takes off his shoes, activates the alarm clock on his mobile phone for five minutes and lies down, smelling the fresh scent of his laundry. 

A lady with a blouse from Hermès and green patent leather shoes, fresh from the hairdresser on the top floor. She stops and opens her black trolley, she spreads out her bedclothes with verve, in the middle of the path, but next to the champagne bar and the exit. After about five minutes, their alarm clocks go off. A little refreshed, they get up one by one, fold their beds and stow them away in their luggage. They put their shoes back on, fix their hair, and leave. 

All that remains is the impression they left on the minds of those who saw them sleep in this unusual place. In such semi-public spaces one cannot simply be there, these spaces produce the need to justify one’s own stay. The two performers think from the body, outward: Personal, human needs stand in contrast to the (luxury department store) world, its bourgeois values and codes and the exhaustive imperative: Always keep moving! Space is a resource. Shopping is one option among many.”

(NAF about their performance NORM IST F!KTION #1/2 in Stuttgart)

Awaiting you at the Schaudepot: a performance kit as an adaptation of NORM IST F!KTION #1/2 with everything you need for your own, very personal break in semi-public places (e.g. the first Schaudepot for the performing arts). 

For 1 to 2 persons.
Length: varies
Available immediately.


  • Concept: NAF
  • Performance: Nana Hülsewig and Fender Schrade
  • Costumes: Mona Kuschel
  • Viewpoint Training: Stela M. Katić
  • Set-photography: Regina Brocke
  • Camera and editing: Anna Baranowski and Luise Schröder

The performance NORM IS F!KTION #1/2 is a NAF production in cooperation with the Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, the Gallery for Contemporary Art Leipzig and the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. Funded by the State Association of Independent Dance and Theater Professionals Baden-Württemberg e. V. with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

The adaptation of “NORM IST F!KTION #1/2” for Das Schaudepot was made possible by the three-year concept funding from the Performing Arts Fund from funds provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, by the Art despite Distance impulse program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts and by the cultural office of the city of Stuttgart.


NAF are the two artists Nana Hülsewig and Fender Schrade. They present live performances, interventions and concepts and work in theatres, in public spaces, in museums and galleries. They use music, their bodies, subversion and suspense. NAF integrate a large network of artists into their work. Their collaboration began in 2013 in Stuttgart. 



Photo: Dominique Brewing Photo: Dominique Brewing Photo: Dominique Brewing Photo: Dominique Brewing