Das Schaudepot


Teilbar e. V.

“Teilbar” is a library of things at Lerchenstrasse 37 in Stuttgart-West. Everyday things that are not often used are shared and can be lent out: tools, household items, kitchen and party items, things for leisure time and for camping. And things for children and young parents. This follows the conviction that sharing via a common institution like a ‘library of things’ is easier than doing so from person to person. The power gap between the haves and the have-nots can also be leveled out in this way. Taking becomes easier.

The financial threshold for the Teilbar e. V. association is low. The membership fees according to self-assessment vary between 0 and 150 euros per year.

The Teilbar project is just the tip of the iceberg. The vision of Teilbar e. V. is a world in which the needs of everyone count. A world in which private ownership, exchange and domination are transcended in favor of social ownership and cooperative decision-making. 



Das Schaudepot is a cooperation partner of the Teilbar project. 

Tools, technology and other means of production from the Schaudepot can be borrowed for non-commercial purposes via the online catalogs of the Teilbar project or the Schaudepot.