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The Book of Fire (Livro de Fogo) by Jorge Alencar und Neto Machado

‘Livro de Fogo is a book-game that proposes to open a board and share stories that nurture us: stories that we remember, that we know, that we hear, that we invent, that we dream, that we miss. A book rooted in paper and continually written orally, in exchange, in the body.

The ‘Book of Fire was developed from de narrative of Iansã and Xangô (Candomblé entities) that released fire from their mouths after eating an acará - ball of fire in the Yoruba language. Acarajé, the black-eyed bean dumpling fried in palm oil and marketed for centuries on the streets of Bahia, has a call in its name: acara-jé means let's eat acará! The power to feed the body, the ancestry, the future and the history is in the hands of those who accept the invitation.

‘Livro de Fogo can be read/played individually or in a group and can be very powerful in practices of raising stories and stimulating conversations and reflections. Starting from the narrative of the food of the orixás, each time it is opened, the book is re-written with the strength of the flame of orality.

This book was selected for FLIP - International Literature Fair of Parati, the biggest event of its kind in Brazil.


Conception: Fábio Osório Monteiro, Neto Machado, Marina Martinelli, Daniel Sabóia, Fábio Steque and Patricia Almeida 
Artistic collaboration: Leonardo France and Jorge Alencar 
Texts: Fábio Osório Monteiro, Neto Machado and Marina Martinelli 
Graphic design and Illustration: Tanto - criações compartilhadas (Daniel Sabóia, Fábio Steque and Patricia Almeida) 
Coreografias de papel coordination: Neto Machado 
Sewing: Valdenice Cordeiro 
Serigraphy: Helio Vieira de Araujo 
Finishing: Adnajara Novaes 
Revision: Alex Simões 
Publishing Company: Conexões Criativas 
Production coordination: Ellen Mello 
Executive production: Marina Martinelli 
Financial: Marília Pereira 
Thanks to: Léa Santana, Tina Almeida, Letícia Martinelli, João Mello França, Lucca Dallagnol Monteiro, Simone Monteiro Dallagnol, Vicente Monte, Cândida Monte, Itamar Reis do Nascimento, Gabriela Almeida, Alana Falcão, Carolina Monteiro, André Oliveira, Larissa Lacerda, Natália Valério , Cíntia Santos, Gabriel Pedreira and the enchanted and illustrious presence of Flávio Oliveiras, with great nostalgia.

This book is part of the ‘Paper Choreography collection, which transforms dance pieces into book-objects for children. ‘Livro de Fogo was created from the play ‘Bola de Fogo, by Fábio Osório Monteiro. The other books of the collection are: ‘Ästroneto - Dance in Space and ‘Small Collection of Insignificances.


The ‘Book of Fire has been available since December 4, 2021, the day of Iansã, the central character of the book with Xangô. The third book from the collection ‘Coreografias de Papel by the Bahian experimental publisher ‘Conexões Criativas, ‘Livro de Fogo is inspired by the performance ‘Bola de Fogo by Fábio Osório Monteiro, actor and dancer who, trying to resist the financial difficulties of being an artist in Brazil, decided to become also a Baiana de Acarajé - professionals who cook and sell Acarajés. Inaugurating this new moment in his career, he sets up his tray and performs while cooking his Acarajé. On stage, he shares stories with the audience while offering his body, at the same time, in the work of an artist and a cook.

The book is available here.

Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida