Das Schaudepot



German Theater Award ‘Der Faust’
German Theater Award ‘Der Faust’: We’re delighted to have been awarded the German Theater Award ‘Der Faust’ in the category ‘Genrespringer’ (genre jumpers) for ‘Das Schaudepot’!
What is the Schaudepot?
What is the Schaudepot?: A library of performances – to browse, borrow or experience live
Tastmodel (Touch Model)
Tastmodel (Touch Model):
Contact & Directions Here you find our contact info and directions to travel to Schaudepot. Accessibility information We’re constantly working to supplement and improve accessibility. Here you find further information about it. Architectural Description in text and Image. Room by room, from big to small. Visit
Visit: Individual visits, guided tours, technology loans, 1-to-1 performances, working, library and use of technology are possible at any time by appointment.