Das Schaudepot


The Schaudepot - taking stock: 29.7.2023, 4-7 pm

‘Das Schaudepot’ is both an art project and perhaps the first theatre of its kind that features an on-demand program. A catalogue records all available performances. There are currently sixteen. In ‘Bestandsaufnahme’ (Taking stock), visitors decide on site which performance they want to experience.

With a food performance by Marcus Bergmann.

29.7.2023, 4-7 pm 
Altenbergstraße 10, 70180 Stuttgart

Registration: info@die-institution.org or 0711-88892770

If you would like a live audio description, integrated tactile guidance or individual accompaniment, please contact: 0711-88892770 or info@die-institution.org

Suitable for English speakers.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Schaudepot is funded by the state capital Stuttgart.

Photo: Dominique Brewing