Das Schaudepot


Kodak von Jorge Alencar and Neto Machado

,Kodak‘  is a performance for kids in which 100 colorful archive boxes build a world of giant legos or a Mindcraft universe, in continuous construction. They turn into buildings, labyrinths, theater sets and whatever else is needed. From within them, more and more surprises emerge that multiply the possibilities of thought, perception and movement.

For the adaptation of ,Kodak‘  for ,Das Schaudepot‘, we use choreographic principles from the piece to propose a situation based on the manipulation of colored archive boxes. What new worlds can be created by rearranging archives? Which collective constructions can arise in an interaction between adults and children? How to register and allow collective inventions to be archived for future meetings?

This action makes room for adults, children and anyone else who is interested.



From the performance ,Kodak‘ by Neto Machado. An adaptation for ,Das Schaudepot‘ by Neto Machado and Jorge Alencar. 

Voices: Judica Albrecht and Neto Machado
Sound: Ober 
Video editing: Reginaldo Borges 
Programing: Rene Liebert 

A production by Herbordt/Mohren (Die Institution) together with Dimenti and Conexões Criativas, funded by the City of Stuttgart in the International Cultural Exchange program.



Photo: Karim Serafim Photo: Karim Serafim Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Patricia Almeida Photo: Dominique Brewing Photo: Dominique Brewing