Das Schaudepot


What is the Schaudepot?

The Schaudepot was initiated by Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt. In collaboration with architects, visual artists, set designers, researchers, composers, curators, musicians, performers, audiences, directors, mediators, etc., the Schaudepot is being further developed on a daily basis. 

Further information: https://die-institution.org

‘Collaborating means suspending tried and tested work divisions, embracing many perspectives instead of simply following a single path, learning together instead of knowing alone, listening to the expertise of others, setting knowledge in motion and opening up access, crossing individual experiences and skills with those of others. But it also means: setting in motion a chain of events that can no longer be predicted, accepting uncertainty, interruption and confusion; and to this end, defining a new freedom of movement for ourselves, motivated by the dream of a different kind of collective cohesion, indeed a different kind of society.’ (Herbordt/Mohren in: ‘Farewell - A Million Ways to Say Goodbye, Akademie Kontemporär’, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, 2021) 

Melanie Mohren und Bernhard Herbordt (artistic direction)
Judica Albrecht (performance)
Jorge Alencar (choreography, research, performance)
Felicitas Arnold (research, dramaturgy)
Viola van Beek (editing)
Marcus Bergmann (food-performance)
Demian Bern (grafic design)
Hagen Betzwieser (documentation)
Dominique Brewing (dokumentation)
Hannes Hartmann, Leonie Mohr (interior design)
René Liebert, Bodo Gottschalk (technics, light, programing)
Neto Machado (choreography, research, performance)
Matthias Nagel (audio description, consulting accessibility)
Andrea Oberfeld (production management)
Kristina Pantisano (consulting)
Steven Solbrig (research, performance, consulting)
Emilija Tolj (research, consulting)
Marlis Wiedemann (research, communication, organisation)
Armin Wieser (performance)